Abbie Davis

Dr Abbie Davis D.C Mchiro

Position: Chiropractor
Qualifications: D.C., Mchiro 
Chiropractic CollegeWelsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC)
GCC Registration04204


Abbie graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC) in South Wales with a first class honours degree and a Masters in Chiropractic.
Abbie had her first experience of chiropractic at the age of 8 after sustaining a dancing injury and was amazed at how the “healing hands” of the chiropractor worked so effectively to get her dancing again, without having to have any medications, injections or other unpleasant experiences.  She knew very quickly that a career in chiropractic was the way for her to go and by her early teens had her mind set in that direction.
She had a further experience of back injury in her first year of college when she sustained damage to one of the discs in her lower back. Thankfully, she was in the right place to get the help she needed and to this day she keeps her spinal health maintained by having regular chiropractic adjustments and looking after her back properly.  Her experiences with her own problems make her ideally placed to understand what her patients are going through and to offer the advice and care that they need to thrive again.